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This groundbreaking school resource is for students in their first year of formal schooling. It is designed to accelerate reading readiness using at-home read-aloud strategies.

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Part of the series P.A.I.R. - Parent Assisted Immersive Reading.

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The P.A.I.R. Small Kit contains:

  • 8 x Reading Books (1 of each title)
  • 4 x Carry Bags for children to transport their books to and from school
  • 4 x Activity Books designed to keep younger siblings occupied, whilst the P.A.I.R. program is carried out at home
  • 1 x Teacher's Guide
  • 1 x BLM Activity Book

Parent Assisted Immersive Reading (P.A.I.R.) is an at-home read-aloud program that accelerates reading readiness in young children. It is designed for use with students in their first year of formal schooling. Its benefits are dramatic, broad-ranging and long-lasting.

The program involves parents regularly reading aloud to their child while at the same time engaging them in meaningful conversation about the book. P.A.I.R. storybooks are specifically designed for this purpose. They come with vital prompts, tips and questions that allow parents to effectively enrich each reading session.

P.A.I.R. books capture a child’s interest from the start. Illustrations are bold and colourful, the stories wholesome and adventurous.

The Benefits

  • Develops literacy skills overall.
  • Accelerates reading readiness.
  • Promotes a love of reading and a positive attitude to school and learning.
  • Fosters reading comprehension.
  • Expands vocabulary.
  • Develops social awareness.
  • Empowers parents by teaching them a potent way to engage their child in reading.
  • Promotes positive school-home relationships.

How Does the Program Work?

1. At the beginning of week 1 of the term program (it is recommended that this program is started in Term 2, 3 or 4), the teacher distributes one book to each child in their Foundation/Kindergarten class.

2. Each student takes the book and guide home in their P.A.I.R. satchel (provided in the kit) and gives them to their parents or carers. It is the responsibility of the parent or carer to read the book aloud to the child.

3. Each page of the book must be read aloud by the parents or carers before the instructions in the lemon sections of each page are acted upon. The lemon sections include the following:

  • Literal questions to be read aloud and answered
  • Inferential questions to be read aloud and answered
  • Extension vocabulary exercises
  • Prompts to think of rhyming words
  • Prompts to locate items in the illustrations
  • Prompts to make connections with the child’s prior knowledge
  • Prompts to make connections between the child’s own experiences and the text

4. The books are returned to school in the satchel at the end of the week.

5. In week 2, another book from the P.A.I.R. series is given to each child to take home.

The Research

P.A.I.R. is based on a wealth of local and international research. Its purpose and structure is underpinned by the work of some of the world’s leading educators. P.A.I.R. is designed to help parents make their child ‘reading-ready’.

Put simply – If parents read aloud to their child regularly during the early years they can lift their child’s reading skills significantly, now and for the future.

A recent Australian study concluded that: Children read to more frequently at age 4–5 achieved higher scores on the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN tests) for both Reading and Numeracy in Year 3 (age 8 to 9). The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) who test worldwide say:

Fifteen-year-old students whose parents often read books with them during their first year of primary school show markedly higher scores in PISA 2009 than students whose parents read with them infrequently or not at all.  PISA in Focus (2009)

ISBN 9780994434982
Publisher Teachers 4 Teachers
Product Type Readers & Literacy,
Year Level Early Years, Foundation,
Author(s) Piscean Publishing

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