P.A.I.R. - Parent Assisted Immersive Reading

Parent Assisted Immersive Reading (P.A.I.R.) is an at-home read-aloud program that accelerates reading readiness in young children. It is designed for use with students in their first year of formal schooling. Its benefits are dramatic, broad-ranging and long-lasting.

The program involves parents regularly reading aloud to their child while at the same time engaging them in meaningful conversation about the book. P.A.I.R. storybooks are specifically designed for this purpose. They come with vital prompts, tips and questions that allow parents to effectively enrich each reading session.

P.A.I.R. books capture a child’s interest from the start. Illustrations are bold and colourful, the stories wholesome and adventurous.

P.A.I.R. Small Kit

P.A.I.R. Small Kit