Maximising Test Results - Solving NAPLAN*-style Word Problems: Year 9


This series provides photocopiable resources for teachers to prepare Year 7 and Year 9 students for the national numeracy tests, and will also assist preparation for regular mathematics teaching and classes.

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Part of the series Maximising Test Results - Solving NAPLAN*-style Word Problems.

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Maximising Test Results: Solving NAPLAN*-style Word Problems: Year 7 Numeracy and Year 9 Numeracy provide photocopiable resources for teachers to prepare Year 7 and Year 9 students for the national numeracy tests, and will also assist preparation for regular mathematics teaching and classes. The PDF version of these books, included on the CD-ROM within each book, is an ideal teacher resource for use on the interactive whiteboard.

Year 9 Numeracy

This resource helps students break down a word problem and determine what is required to successfully answer the question. It explores problem solving strategies such as using algebra, working with formulae and using lists and tables. Arranged under the steps Read, Mean, Do, Maths and Answer, the work sheets reinforce keywords, terms and numeracy skills, and include steps for checking that the answer makes sense and truly answers the question. Units include:

  • Read - mathematical definitions
  • Do - what will you do to solve the problem?
  • Maths - complete the maths - formulae
  • Answer - does my answer "answer" the question?
  • more!

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Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page1 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page2 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page3 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page4 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page5 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page6 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page7 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page8 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page9 Maximising-Test-Results-Solving-NAPLAN-style-Word-Problems-Year-9-Numeracy_sample-page10

Versatile Uses

  • Suitable for use on the IWB
  • Thorough revision of key mathematical skills
  • As homework, revision or to supplement a lesson
  • For when the regular teacher is absent

Teaching Benefits and Features

  • Steps for solving a word problem and checking the answer
  • Tips for answering multiple choice questions
  • Annotated pages include definitions to reinforce key numeracy skills
  • Answers are provided to assist with time-efficient preparation and marking

lnstant Lessons Quality Ready-to-Use Resources

Each book in the Instant Lessons series is a collection of fresh and versatile work sheet activities that may be photocopied for student use. They are unique in providing the highest learning outcomes with instant usability. *These are not officially endorsed publications of the NAPLAN program and is produced by Blake Education independently of Australian Governments.

ISBN 9781921680670
Publisher Blake Education
Product Type Teacher Resources,
Year Level Year 9,
Author(s) Nicola Kovacs

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