Targeting Grammar Teacher Guides

The Targeting Grammar series is a program for teaching grammar and punctuation to primary school students using a well-tested developmental continuum.

The Targeting Grammar Teacher’s Guides parallel the work in the Targeting Grammar Activity Books. They are divided into the same six areas of study (Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs and Sentences) and contain the following elements to support teaching:

  • Essentials – a summary of each concept to enable explicit instruction.
  • Introduction – ideas to introduce and demonstrate each concept to the whole class.
  • Exploration – activities to engage the whole class in exploring the area of study.
  • Revision – supplementary photocopiable worksheets to use as: homework, individual practice, whole class activities and targeting practice for students experiencing difficulty.
  • Assessment – worksheets to assess each student’s level of understanding.
  • Games and Activities – to photocopy and laminate for use as a fun way to practice and reinforce grammar skills.
  • The Spelling Connection – a concise and useful reference that shows the relationship between spelling and grammar.
  • The Poetry Connection – a detailed reference that demonstrates the relationship between poetry and grammar.
  • Punctuation Glossary – a comprehensive glossary explaining how punctuation marks are used in writing.