Phonological Awareness Skills

Remove the confusion around phonological awareness and equip children with all the skills needed to conquer the world of words — spelling, reading and writing — with Phonological Awareness Skills.

This series of five comprehensive books covers all the basics for early childhood children (from four years of age) but also assists older students who are struggling with phonics and spelling. It incorporates skills that fit into any phonics or spelling program. The series emphasises oral language.

Twelve skills are presented in developmental order over the five books and include the following skills:

  • Book 1: Auditory discrimination, rhyming and alliteration
  • Book 2: Segmentation and syllabification, and blending
  • Book 3: Phoneme matching and phoneme isolation
  • Book 4: Phoneme completion, and phoneme addition and deletion
  • Book 5: Phoneme segmentation, phoneme substitution and phoneme reversal

The last 7 skills relate to phoneme manipulation.