Blake's Learning Centres - Australian History Centres

Blake's Learning Centres are a wonderful and motivating way for students to practise important skills. Each resource consists of Australian History Source Cards that address the inquiry questions for the History strand of the HASS Curriculum.

An Activity Card accompanies each Source Card and features tasks designed to help students engage fully with the topics. Students can use these cards to work independently or in pairs to develop their History inquiry and analysis skills. ACARA codes are shown on each card and activity.

The Activity Cards cover the following Historical Skills from the curriculum for each topic:

  • Researching
  • Evaluating and Reflecting
  • Communicating • Questioning
  • Analysing


Each book also includes:

  • Photocopiable worksheets
  • Student and teacher centre checklists
  • Answers

All of the colour pages in this book are designed to be removed and laminated to provide a durable classroom resource that can be used for many years.


Bonus CD with all the cards and worksheets allows you to:

  • Display each card on an IWB or on screen
  • Involve the whole class in discussion
  • Print extra copies of any or all of the cards
  • Produce large version (A3) cards

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