Achievement Standards Assessment - Mathematics: Number & Algebra

The assessments in this series are written to fully support implementation of the Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability Achievement Standards for Year 1 to 6 outlined in the Australian Mathematics curriculum. Each book contains 36 assessment tests containing 20 questions with a four-page test for the end of each term. The assessments can be used in a number of ways:

Complete an assessment test each week for the whole class by:

  • distributing the test to each student.
  • using an interactive whiteboard to display the test at the front of the classroom and going through each question with the whole class.
  • installing the tests on your school network for students to complete using the interactive PDFs and saving their results.

Select a test to match your classroom program.

Work with a small group who require support by:

  • sharing the reading of the questions.
  • asking for oral answers.
  • keenly observing students’ progress.

Ask individual students to complete a test with teacher/ teacher aide assistance.

The CD-ROM in the back of the book contains:

  • Interactive whiteboard (IWB) friendly PDFs of the whole book.
  • Interactive PDFs to be installed on your school network.
  • Student result logs