Year 11 ATAR Course Study Guide - Biology

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This study guide has been written for the Year 11 Biological syllabus (ATAR course), Units 1 and 2.

Availability: Available Usually Dispatched In: 3 - 7 Business Days ISBN: 9781876918590 Publisher: Academic Associates Categories: ATARSecondary Study GuidesGuidesBiologySciencePreparation & Study GuidesAssessment Preparation

This study guide has been written for the Year 11 Biological syllabus (ATAR course), Units 1 and 2.

The guide is divided into five sections:

  1. Terminology and Review Questions
  2. Trial Tests
  3. Answers to Terminology and Review Questions
  4. Answers to Trial Tests
  5. Glossary

Each unit begins with the section called “Science Understanding”. Careful attention has been given to cover each understanding listed. This is followed by the two sections Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour. Of course you may complete the guide in whichever order you choose depending on the order that is appropriate to you.

Review Questions and Answers

It is recommended that you work through the review questions consistently through the year as you cover the material in class. There is probably too much work in them to leave to do just prior to semester exams. Each section begins with a list of terms that will be useful, if not essential, to know. Check the answers to all the questions. These are given towards the end of the guide; make corrections where necessary and add material to your answers in order to improve them. This activity will help you to better answer questions in your tests.

Trial Tests and Answers

This section has also been expanded and improved in this new guide. There are now more trial tests. Each test has 20 multiple choice questions, a short answer section and an extended answer question. The answers in the guide are often given in more detail than is normally required. This is intended to expand your understanding. With the answers to the extended answer questions, each dot point generally represents one mark. This marking scheme will give you a good guide to the depth that is required in answering these questions in exams. Pay particular attention to the extended answers as this is an area in which many students can improve their answers with a little care and practice.


This is an updated and comprehensive list of terms with their meanings. It represents a good proportion of the biological vocabulary that you need to be familiar with in the course. Consult the glossary frequently. Whenever you encounter a term that you are not quite sure about, use the glossary to check its meaning.In doing this you will become more familiar with the language used in this course and a more competent student of biology.


    • 1. Describing biodiversity
    • 1.1 Biodiversity
    • 1.2 Classification
    • 1.3 Ecosystems
    • 2. Ecosystem dynamics
    • 2.1 Energy & Matter
    • 2.2 Populations & Communities
    • 2.3 Ecosystem Change
    • 2.4 Human Activities & Conservation
    • 2.5 Predicting Ecosystem Change
    • 3. Inquiry Skills and Human Endeavour 1
    • 3.1 Science Inquiry Skills 1
    • 3.2 Science as a Human Endeavour 1
    • 4. Cells as the basis of life
    • 4.1 Prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells
    • 4.2 Cell membranes
    • 4.3 Biochemical processes & enzymes
    • 4.4 Photosynthesis & cellular respiration
    • 5. Multicellular organisms
    • 5.1 Cells, tissues, organs and systems
    • 5.2 Respiratory system
    • 5.3 Digestive system
    • 5.4 Circulatory system
    • 5.5 Plant vasular system
    • 6. Inquiry Skills and Human Endeavour 2
    • 6.1 Science inquiry Skills 2
    • 6.2 Science as a Human Endeavour 2

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View Sample Pages

ISBN 9781876918590
Publisher Academic Associates
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Year 11,
Author(s) Peter Walster

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