Sound Waves - Student Book: Foundation (Revised Edition)

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If you are purchasing for the 2019 school year, you will need to purchase this revised edition of the Sound Waves Foundation Book.

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Sound Waves is versatile. Get the complete set of Sound Waves products to run a comprehensive program, or select the products that will best complement your own program. The choice is yours.

Sound Waves Student Book - Foundation

Welcome to the revised Sound Waves Foundation Student Book! This edition is for use in classrooms in 2019. The new and improved Sound Waves Student Book includes all student activities for both phases of the Foundation program. It contains:

  • colour photos and beautiful bespoke illustrations
  • carefully sequenced phonemic awareness and phonic activities
  • pre-writing and writing practice

Also available as Printable Pages at Sound Waves Online for use in classrooms in 2019.

View Sample Pages

View Sample Pages

About Sound Waves

Sound Waves - Spelling Starts with Sounds



Trust the Proven Approach

Sound Waves is based on the phonemic approach, which is recognised as one of the most effective ways to teach spelling and reading skills. So when you use Sound Waves, you're employing the most powerful teaching pedagogy for literacy development.

About Sound WavesWhole School Approach

From Foundation to Year 6

The consistency of the Sound Waves program allows you to build your students' success in spelling, from Foundation through to Year 6


Extra Help for Every Student

Sound Waves caters for different abilities and multi-age classrooms, as well as different learning styles.


Understanding Their Understanding

Identify and track students' comprehension of language and spelling concepts throughout the year.

Curriculum Matches

We've Ticked All the Boxes

Sound Waves matches all state and national curriculum documents. Based on the sounds of Australian English, and written by Australian teachers, Sound Waves caters for schools nation-wide

About Sound Waves - 1


Create Your Own Perfect Program

Sound Waves is an explicit teaching program and is fully resourced with Teacher Books, Student Books, Sound Waves Online and digital options for non-textbook schools. You can select the combination of books and teaching resources to suit either your own classroom, or your whole school. We provide the resources, so you can focus on teaching.



What is the Sound Waves Phonemic Approach?

The Sound Waves phonemic approach uses a sound-to-letter strategy which acknowledges that sounds can be represented more than one way in written form. This synthetic phonics approach focuses first on the basic units of sound in our language – phonemes. It then explores the letters that represent these sounds and how they can be put together to form written words.

More Than Rote Learning

Sound Waves - More Than Rote LearningSound Waves enhances learning with strategies for reading, writing and spelling. This way your students will gain a deeper understanding of how words are structured.

More Than Just Spelling

As well as turning your students into super spellers, Sound Waves covers the key language concepts they’ll need to become highly literate. These concepts, including prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek roots, synonyms, homophones and more, are woven into the Student Book activities for each sound unit.


Whole School Approach

Sound Waves is a well-scaffolded program so you can use a consistent approach to spelling across your whole school.

Provide a Foundation in Literacy

The Sound Waves Foundation program provides the important first steps for developing reading, spelling and writing skills. Written in two phases, students experience Exploring Sounds activities before moving on to the Discovering Graphemes Phase. With a larger format Scrapbook and Student Book, plus additional resources such as flashcards available, the Foundation program is ideal for early learners.

For more information, read our Foundation Scope and Sequence:

Foundation Scope and Sequence

Improve Results with Whole School Consistency

Sound Waves - Provide a Foundation in LiteracyThe Sound Waves program is fully resourced, from Foundation to Year 6, building successful spellers across your whole school. Sound Waves students don’t stop learning phonics in Year 3, but hone their literacy skills as they progress through older year levels. The spiral curriculum of Sound Waves offers students multiple opportunities, both within and across year levels, to conquer difficult words and concepts. It also extends learning with Extension Word Lists and Super Challenges.

For more information, read our Scope and Sequence documents:

Scope and Sequence Years 1-6 Weekly View Scope and Sequence Years 1-6 Focus Concepts


Extend Your Super Spellers with Sound Waves 7

Sound Waves - Improve ResultsSound Waves 7 is not only ideal for states where Year 7 is still in primary school, but also great for extending your super spellers. Spelling patterns and strategies are revised and consolidated, and students’ vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical concepts is extensively developed.

For more information, take a look at our Sound Waves 7 Preview, Scope and Sequence (Weekly View) and Scope and Sequence (Focus Concepts):

Sound Waves 7 - Preview Scope and Sequence (Weekly View) Scope and Sequence (Focus Concepts)



Explore Sound Waves in a variety of ways and keep your students engaged. We cater for different abilities and different learning styles.

Differentiation for All Students

Sound Waves activities and List Words are graded from easy to difficult, creating real differentiation opportunities for all students in your classroom. Extension List Words and Super Challenge Black Line Masters are perfect for advanced students and fast finishers.

Ideal for Multi-Age Classrooms

The Sound Waves program has been structured to assist teachers with multi-age classrooms. For example, each Sound Unit is on the same page in Student Books 1 to 6. Teachers can teach the focus sound to the whole class then direct students to work on the same Sound Unit, but with words and concepts appropriate to their level, making classroom management easy.

All Learning Types Covered

Whether your students are visual, aural or kinesthetic learners, Sound Waves has a wide range of activities and resources that allow you to explore sounds in a variety of ways. You can bring your class to life with charts, flash cards, songs, games and more.


Sound Waves provides the tools you need to easily assess and benchmark your students.

Spelling Age Diagnostic Test

A sample of over 11 000 students was used to create a modern Australian spelling age for our Spelling Age Diagnostic Test. Featuring additional language diagnostic and remediation capabilities, our unique assessment resource stands out from the crowd.

Placement TestSound Waves - Placement Test

The Sound Waves Placement Tests are a great way to get a ‘snapshot’ of your class’s understanding of spelling and language concepts. Together with our remediation suggestions, you’ll be able to ensure your class has the support they need to become super spellers.


Curriculum Matches

Sound Waves is written specifically to cover your curriculum.

See for Yourself How We Match Your Curriculum

Check out our Scope and Sequence documents. These explicitly show how Sound Waves meets the curriculum requirements. Choose from a weekly view or view by focus concept.

Scope and Sequence Foundation (Term View) Scope and Sequence Years 1–6 (Weekly View) Scope and Sequence Years 1–6 (Focus Concepts) Scope and Sequence Year 7 (Weekly View) Scope and Sequence Year 7 (Focus Concepts)


Sound Waves is versatile. Get the complete set of Sound Waves products to run a comprehensive program, or select the products that will best complement your own program. The choice is yours.

Foundation Student Pack (Student Book and Scrapbook)

The Scrapbook introduces the 43 sounds and icons through clever art activities, pre-writing practice and pre-reading activities. The Student Book consolidates the 43 sounds and their icons and introduces: segmenting VC, CV and CVC words; sound to letter correspondences; sight words; segmenting, blending, decoding, and encoding activities.

View Sample Pages


Student Books

Sound Waves - Student Book Student Books contain activities to explore phonemes in the List Words, identify and discover graphemes in the List Words, develop an awareness of spelling patterns, and teach spelling strategies. Not only do they give students multiple opportunities to learn difficult new words, they include activities on grammar, prefixes, suffixes, Greek and Latin roots, and so much more.


View Sample Pages

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

Teacher Books (F-6)

Sound Waves - Teacher Book Teacher Books provide all the tools teachers need for the classroom including: comprehensive weekly programs, explicit teaching directions, game and activity instructions, word segmenting and pronunciation tips, phonemic stories and discussion starters, decodable readers, and Student Book answers.


View Sample Pages

Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

Sound Waves Online Annual School Licence (F-6)

Sound Waves 7 is also available. Sound Waves - Online Annual School Licence Sound Waves Online has the online spelling resources teachers need!

  • 200+ downloadable Black Line Masters
  • Projectable Student Book pages and answers
  • Projectable Sound Boxes and videos
  • Interactive spelling games for students
  • List Word and Extension Word segmenting tool with answers
  • Spelling Age Diagnostic Test and Remediation Packs
  • Printable Placement Test with suggested remediation activities

The Sound Waves Online School Licence allows every teacher and student in the school to access Sound Waves Online for all participating year levels.


Sound Waves Online with Printable Student Book Pages Annual School Licence (F-6)

Sound Waves 7 is also available.

We understand that not all schools use workbooks. We have developed a digital, printable alternative to our Student Book and it is available as an extension of Sound Waves Online. It includes all the features of Sound Waves Online, as well as Printable Student Book Pages. The school licence allows every teacher and student in the school to access Sound Waves Online with Printable Student Book Pages for all participating year levels.

Words and Sounds Book (A5, Early Years)

Sound Waves - Words and Sounds Book The Words and Sounds Book allows students to record words both alphabetically and by sound. The A-Z section contains lists of frequently used words with space to add new words as they are discovered. The Phonemes and Graphemes section contains the 43 sounds studied in the Sound Waves program, and the most commonly used graphemes for each sound. There is space for students to record new graphemes they discover when reading and writing.


View Sample Pages

Words and Sounds Book

Super Challenge Black Line Masters (1-6)

Sound Waves - Super Challenge Black Line Masters

Spelling Super Challenge Black Line Masters keep your super-spellers challenged, and provide an extension activity for the List, Extension and activity words in each unit of the Sound Waves Student Books.


View Sample Pages

Super Challenge Black Line Masters

Teaching Charts

Sound Waves Teaching Charts are large wall-sized charts, providing an easy reference to the 43 sounds of Australian English and most common graphemes.

Sound Cards

Available in A4 or A5. Ideal for games, activities and classroom discussion. Teaching ideas included with each pack.

Let’s Sing the Sounds CD

This toe-tapping audio CD is a great way to introduce students to the phonemes of our language. Individual tracks also available for download.

Foundation Toolbox

Sound Waves - Foundation ToolboxThis is the essential toolbox for every Sound Waves Foundation Year classroom. Packaged in a sturdy carry case, it includes:

  • Let’s Sing the Sounds CD
  • Grapheme Flashcards
  • Decodable Word Flashcards
  • Sight Word Flashcards
  • Foundation Sound Cards (both A4 and A5 size)
  • A5 Words and Graphemes Sound Cards

Tutorial Videos

Sound Waves Online Virtual Tour

Everything you need to know about using Sound Waves Online.

Segmenting and Blending

To implement a phonemic approach, you’ll need to know how to segment and blend words.

How to Use Sound Boxes

Sound Boxes are a key feature of the program. How do they work?

ISBN 9781741353501
Publisher Firefly Education
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Foundation,

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