Oxford Literacy Guided Reading - Levels 1-2

Beginner Stage

Students reading Oxford Literacy texts from Levels 1-2 are described as reading at the "Beginner" stage of the Oxford Literacy reading program. Typically readers at this level are required to:

  • Use the front cover and title of text to predict what they are about to read
  • Use pictures to predict the story and words - check illustrations to support 'guess' of new words and to make meaning
  • Be able to locate and recognise the repeated phrase on each page
  • Use finger pointing for written-word-to-spoken-word match
  • Be able to recall main idea or character
  • Use alphabetic knowledge of initial sounds/ letters to predict words
  • Be able to recall a small number of high frequency words (2- 5 words per book)
  • Use their innate knowledge of oral language grammar structures to predict words and phrases (e.g. know that we say 'I am' and not 'I are')

Beginner Stage Information

Student Texts

The Oxford Literacy student text versions include:

  • a range of fiction and non-fiction titles
  • non-fiction titles written for Australian Curriculum: English, History, Science and Mathematics, making reading even more meaningful and relevant (levels 1-23)
  • a range of fonts and visual devices, all with appropriate support
  • a language focus that corresponds to both the Oxford Wordlist and the Oxford Wordlist Plus
  • recurring Oxford Literacy characters

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