PRIME Mathematics International Edition - Practice Book: 3B (Year 3)

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PRIME Mathematics - Practice Book: 3B (Year 3) is a composite of the approaches used by the three top-performing nations in primary mathematics education according to TIMSS: Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong.

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PLEASE NOTE: This book is part of the PR1ME Mathematics INTERNATIONAL series.

Use world's best practice to teach mathematics! Australia aims to be in the top 5 performing nations in international educational studies of mathematics such as TIMSS. Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong are currently numbers 1, 2 and 3 in TIMSS. PR1ME Mathematics has been adapted from the highly acclaimed and widely proven Primary Mathematics Project developed by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. But more than that, it combines world’s best practice pedagogy from the three top performing nations into a comprehensive and proven maths approach. The evidence is in. It works!
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Why will PRIME work?

  1. Explicit problem solving is at the centre for teaching and learning – with an emphasis on both the processes and strategies, including the ‘bar model’
  2. Students learn through consistent pedagogy and a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach
  3. Topics take a ‘deep dive’ into the development of concepts to build mastery through scaffolding
  4. Students actively develop meta-language and metacognitive thinking
  5. Teachers’ professional learning is enhanced through using world’s best practice.


  1. Coursebooks - There are two Coursebooks at each year level. They are the core component of PRIME for students. They introduce and develop concepts and skills to mastery.
  2. Practice Books - There are two Practice Books for each year level that directly link to the Coursebooks. They contain practice exercises and reviews for formative and summative assessment.
  3. Digital Resources - All Coursebook and Workbook content will be available for use on interactive whiteboards.
  4. Teacher's Guides: Professional Learning - There is a Teacher’s Guide for each Coursebook. Comprehensive lesson plans free up teachers from spending time planning to spend time with students. Lesson notes to support each page in the student books show teachers how to effectively deliver each lesson. They also provide teachers with professional learning, such as giving teachers the ‘heads-up’ on likely student mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Problem solving is central

The Mathematics Framework used in PRIME has problem solving as being central to mathematics learning. It is similar to the approach used by the Singapore Ministry of Education that turned Singapore from a low-performing maths nation into a high-performing one.

  • Let's remember - assesses readiness or new learning
  • Let's learn - builds on concepts and skills learnt previously
  • Let's do - provides scaffolded guided practice
  • Let's practice - consolidates concepts and skills taught and summative assessment
  • Think about it - students consider alternate solutions

Concrete - pictorial - abstract approach

  • physical, hands-on or concrete materials
  • pictorial representations
  • symbolic representations

Deep dive into concepts

Each chapter treats a topic in-depth and carefully scaffolds the concept being developed. For example Coursebook 3B: Fractions: Naming parts of a fraction > comparing fractions > finding equivalent fractions > expressing a fraction in its simplest form > comparing using equivalent fractions > adding fractions > subtracting fractions > fraction word problems.

Development of metacognition

Students are actively encouraged to be aware of their learning. They are invited to control their thinking processes and to monitor and self-regulate their learning.

Practice Books

Practice Books can be used either in class or used as part of the school homework program. They are black and white. They incorporate:

  • Separate Exercises - several for each chapter studied in the Coursebook
  • Review Exercises - after every 2-3 chapters, to check mastery of the previous topics studied
  • Word Problems - to make problem solving relevant, with consistent 4-step process presented

Also Available in the PRIME Mathematics Series

Teacher’s Guides

  • Revision (‘Let’s Remember’) – letting you know what was last covered (and where it was covered in previous books … in case you need to revisit the direct teaching of these concepts with any students)
  • Duration – how long should be spent teaching/practicing that lesson concept – great for programming
  • Activities – ‘Maths Lab’, hands-on ideas … which can be added to, as well as thorough explanations of any pictorial and abstract content covered in the course books.
  • Meta-Language – to use when introducing pictorial and abstract concepts … with examples to use, LOTS of detail. Provides great consistency throughout all classes
  • Teacher Resource Pages – simple, cheap, effective aids that teachers can photocopy and use alongside other school resources.

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Coursebooks are the full-colour workbooks that students use at school. Some schools are starting to use these as PDF copies in the classrooms on interactive whiteboards. They guide the students through the following processes as each unit of work/chapter is

  • Let’s Remember - review of prior learning
  • Let’s Learn - concepts/skills introduced
  • Let’s Do - checks student understanding of concepts, putting concepts into practice
  • Think About - initiates discussion, high level reasoning, and ask students to explain/justify their reasoning
  • Problem Solving - all chapters end with a problem solving lesson, designed to stretch and expand students’ thinking even further

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ISBN 9789810730697
Publisher Scholastic
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Year 3,

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