Oxford Big Ideas History - Australian Curriculum: Year 7 - Workbook (Print)

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Availability: Available Usually Dispatched In: 3 - 7 Business Days ISBN: 9780195575729 Brand/Publisher: Oxford University Press Categories: Australian CurriculumHistoryHumanities and Social Sciences (HASS)History

Part of the series Oxford Big Ideas History Australian Curriculum - Year 7.

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The exciting Oxford Big Ideas History series will motivate and engage students. Its wide range of activities and sources will allow students to be successful in the history classroom and support their independent study.


Oxford Big Ideas History:

  • promotes deep learning of historical knowledge, understanding and skills while supporting multiple learning styles
  • sorts content into meaningful inquiry-based big questions, and is written specifically for the appropriate reading level
  • organises learning around the big ideas of history and revisits these ideas with increasing complexity
  • features structured inquiry sequences to enable students to monitor their own progress
  • is highly illustrated to help visual learners engage with historical inquiry
  • is supported by a workbook, obook and teacher kit to offer the complete teaching package at each year level
  • offers innovative digital resources, including an interactive obook with Oxford’s new Virtual Site Studies that bring history to life


This workbook provides extra practice of key skills and encourages an inquiry-based approach to learning—perfect for in-class work or homework.


  • Write-in, full colour workbook
  • Key historical literacies and skills are reinforced progressively
  • Answers available for teachers in the Oxford Big Ideas History 7 Teacher Kit



1.0 The ancient world: an overview

  • Activity 1.1 A day in the life of a Cro-Magnon person
  • Activity 1.2 Analyse the impact of geography on human settlements
  • Activity 1.3 Create your own artefacts
  • Activity 1.4 Construct a social class pyramid
  • Activity 1.5 Guernsey: shaped by ancient trading
  • Activity 1.6 Describe the legacy of ancient art

Depth studies

2.0 Investigating the ancient past

  • Activity 2.1 Primary and secondary sources
  • Activity 2.2 Understand different perspectives
  • Activity 2.3 Write an account of a dig
  • Activity 2.4 Identify purpose and point of view
  • Activity 2.5 Form a hypothesis
  • Activity 2.6 Plan a museum exhibit

The Mediterranean world

3.0 Ancient Egypt

  • Activity 3.1 Look cool: dressing for effect
  • Activity 3.2 Analyse a painting
  • Activity 3.3 Sustainable water source: comparative case study
  • Activity 3.4 Compare female rulers
  • Activity 3.5 Famous pharaohs: ‘Who am I?’
  • Activity 3.6 Chart the process of mummifi cation

4.0 Ancient Greece

  • Activity 4.1 Hold a Greek assembly
  • Activity 4.2 The oracle at Delphi
  • Activity 4.3 Design a Greek amphora
  • Activity 4.4 Build a trireme
  • Activity 4.5 Interpret a myth
  • Activity 4.6 Evaluate a historical source

5.0 Ancient Rome

  • Activity 5.1 Ancient Rome crossword
  • Activity 5.2 Roman numerals
  • Activity 5.3 Analyse a photograph
  • Activity 5.4 Create a storyboard
  • Activity 5.5 Host a Roman banquet
  • Activity 5.6 Researching gladiators

The Asian world

6.0 Ancient China

  • Activity 6.1 Explore the concept of ‘merit’
  • Activity 6.2 Create a job advertisement
  • Activity 6.3 Present a point of view on Qin Shi Huangdi
  • Activity 6.4 Take notes about the life of peasants
  • Activity 6.5 Examine the legend of Mulan
  • Activity 6.6 Analyse a map of the Silk Road

Additional resources

  • Template for Activity 1.4
  • Template for Activity 4.4
  • Template for Activity 5.2

About the Authors

Maggy Saldais has been actively involved in a range of successful education publishing programs over the last 10 years.

Associate Professor Tony Taylor has played a pivotal role in the shaping of history education in Australia. In 1999 he was appointed Director of the Australian Government’s National Inquiry into the Teaching and Learning of History and, from 2001–2006, he was Director of the Australian Government’s National Centre for History Education. Recently, Tony has been involved in the development of the Australian Curriculum for History.

Dr Carmel Young is a History consultant with Oxford and has taught History Curriculum and Methods at the University of Sydney. With Tony Taylor, she wrote History: A guide to the teaching and learning of history in Australian schools.

Clare Ridgway-Faye is a teacher of English, Humanities and Classical Studies, currently at Princes Hill Secondary College. She has worked at school level and with Oxford University Press on developing English and History curriculum resources for the Australian Curriculum.

ISBN 9780195575729
Publisher Oxford University Press
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Year 7,
Author(s) Maggy Saldais, Tony Taylor, Carmel Young and Clare Ridgway-Faye.

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