Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating 2 Teaching Pack

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Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating 2 Teaching Pack comprises a Teaching Resource Handbook and an Implementation Guide, providing the core materials you need to start teaching children aged 6 to 7.

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Numicon is a multi-sensory approach to mathematics using structured apparatus designed to give students the understanding of number ideas and number relationships that are essential for success in maths.

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Making Numbers Real - Introduction to Numicon

What is Numicon?

The Numicon approach is multi-sensory, using apparatus and focusing on Action, Imagery and Conversation. The program of activities with Numicon Shapes and rods helps students understand number relationships, spot patterns and make generalisations. The Numicon Shapes and rods help teachers and students to communicate their ideas. Students are encouraged to work together on activities which emphasise applying understanding to solve problems.The Numicon teaching approach helps students communicate their mathematical thinking to teachers. This in turn helps teachers ‘see’ a students’ understanding. By watching and listening to what students do and say, the Numicon approach provides learners with the opportunity to play to their strengths, thereby releasing their potential to enjoy, understand and achieve in mathematics. This enjoyment in achievement is also shared by educators and parents.

Numicon research

Numicon maths shapes and numeracy teaching resources grew out of a classroom based research project funded by the Teacher Training Agency carried out between 1996 and 1998 by Numicon authors Ruth Atkinson, Romey Tacon and Dr Tony Wing. They sought to discover why it was that so many children failed in arithmetic where they were successful in all other curriculum areas. They wanted to find out whether using visual structured imagery would support children’s arithmetic understanding. Through the research a program of teaching activities was devised using Numicon maths shapes in a multi-sensory way that would be easily followed by teachers and make mathematics fun for learners. This program has formed the basis of the Numicon teaching program.

Learning About Numbers with Patterns - Using Structured Visual Imagery (Numicon) to Teach Arithmetic Gathering Evidence for Numicon Numicon Research Summary Numicon Project Report What Works for Children with Mathematical Difficulties? The Effectiveness of Intervention Schemes Numicon Impact Study 2011

Why use the Numicon approach?

  • Seeing pattern in numbers is a key part of mathematical thinking.
  • The Numicon approach plays to the strong sense of pattern that is present in all learners.
  • The Numicon Shapes and Cuisenaire Rods give learners ‘objects to think with’.
  • The Numicon approach is supported by a series of teaching guides with progressive activities and assessment signposts.
  • The Numicon activities ensure Australian educators are providing learning opportunities that correlate to the Australian Curriculum Number and Algebra Strand.

The Australian Curriculum and Numicon

The Numicon key mathematical ideas and subsequent activities strongly support the teaching and learning as described in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics Number and Algebra content strand. The Numicon kits have been correlated at year level to the Australian Mathematics Curriculum. The Number and Algebra content strand of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum states: "... Students apply number sense and strategies for counting and representing numbers. They explore the magnitude and properties of numbers. They apply a range of strategies for computation and understand the connections between operations. They recognise patterns and understand the concepts of variable and function. They build on their understanding of the number system to describe relationships and formulate generalisations. They recognise equivalence and solve equations and inequalities..."

Who is Numicon for?

The resources can be used for a whole-class, small groups and for individual support. Teachers report a marked increase in student’s confidence when they are working with Numicon and that leads to raised achievement. The core resources and kits cover number concepts contained in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum - Foundation to Year 4. The Closing the Gap Resource is suitable across the primary years for students who are experiencing significantly greater difficulty learning mathematics than the majority of students of their age.

Numicon Resources Diagram

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Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating 2 Teaching Pack

The Numicon Number, Pattern and Calculating 2 Teaching Pack comprises a Teaching Resource Handbook and an Implementation Guide, providing the core materials you need to start teaching children aged 6 to 7. The Teaching Resource Handbook provides step-by-step activities for developing children's understanding of pattern, algebra, number and calculating. With a great emphasis on problem-solving through real-world contexts and practical planning and assessment guidance, the Teaching Resource Handbook will support you with developing children's mathematical understanding using Numicon. Accompanied with editable planning and printable photocopy masters, you can personalise to suit the needs of your children.

Activities in the Teaching Resource Handbook have been extensively trialled with teachers and children; all activity groups come from real classroom experience. 'Low threshold, high ceiling' activities allow you to differentiate for every child in your class through the same activity group. Activities are supported by easy to follow instructions and clear illustrations. A list of the concrete objects used to support learning are provided at the start of each activity.

The Implementation Guide offers guidance on what Numicon is, gives advice on how best to implement Numicon in your school and describes the Key Mathematical Ideas that underpin work within this year. With information on the theory behind Numicon, this guide will inspire you in building a secure future in mathematics for all children.

ISBN 9780198389545
Publisher Oxford University Press
Product Type Teacher Resources,
Year Level Year 1, Year 2,
Author(s) Romey Tacon, Ruth Atkinson & Tony Wing

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