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The enVisionMATHS Student Activity Book F is a scrapbook sized full-colour printed workbook where students can develop their conceptual understanding, fluency building, reasoning and mental computation.

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enVisionMATHS is a topic-driven teaching and learning program aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. enVisionMATHS combines powerful visual learning strategies that make meaningful connections between known and new maths ideas for your students, with breakthrough digital teaching and learning tools that cater to each teacher's technological expertise. Differentiated teaching and learning strategies allow you to tailor your methods to improve students' learning. Program components can be adapted to all primary Maths classrooms around Australia and can be taught in any order. enVisionMATHS was written by nationally and internationally recognised academics and leading classroom teachers from across the country.
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Features and Benefits

enVisionMATHS Features

  • Powerful visual learning strategies
  • Contains embedded, differentiated teaching and learning opportunities
  • Includes convenient topic-based resources
  • Written to align with the Australian Curriculum: Maths content and proficiency strands.

enVisionMATHS Benefits

  • Teachers have the very best of both worlds: colour-coded topic booklets to plan units of work straight from the box, Maths Thinking Skills Books, Maths background knowledge, differentiation strategies, instructional questions, suggested lesson sequences, assessment tasks which save valuable time when preparing for NAPLANs … plus breakthrough digital teaching and learning tools that are innovative and lesson/topic based
  • Students are captivated by contemporary animations and other visual representations of maths ideas
  • Differentiation allows teachers to effectively reach every student, giving them the opportunity to succeed
  • Every investigation, digital task, mental computation activity, game, homework sheet, assessment task and planning module is topic-based so teachers don't have to search for relevant extra elements
  • Up-to-date and future-ready as the Australian Curriculum is implemented across the country.

enVisionMATHS Student Activity Book F

The enVisionMATHS Student Activity Book F is a scrapbook sized full-colour printed workbook where students can develop their conceptual understanding, fluency building, reasoning and mental computation. Each lesson also includes an open ended problem solving task to complete the lesson. enVisionMATHS is aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content and proficiency strands. Each lesson in the Student Activity Book displays the specific curriculum links at the top left-hand corner of the page.


  • Scrapbook sized.
  • Full-colour page spreads engage and appeal to students.
  • Allows for further conceptual understanding, fluency building, reasoning and mental computation.
  • Includes open ended problem solving in every lesson.
  • Aligns with Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content and proficiency strands.

Introductory Videos

enVisionMATHS Overview


Problem Solving




Teacher reactions to enVisionMATHS

enVisionMATHS Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1: Introduction

Tutorial 1.1: Overview

PDF: Tutorial 1.1: Overv ew


Tutorial 1.2: Components

PDF: Tutorial 1.2: Components


Tutorial 1.3: Suggested Teaching Sequence

PDF: Tutorial 1.3: Suggested Teaching Sequence


Tutorial 2: Planning, Differentiation and Group Work

Tutorial 2.1: Planning

PDF: Tutorial 2.1:Planning

Tutorial 2.2: Differentiation

PDF: Tutorial 2.2: Differentiation

Tutorial 2.3: Group Work

PDF: Tutorial 2.3: Group Work

Tutorial 3: Assessment

Tutorial 3.1: Assessment Overview

PDF: Tutorial 3.1: Assessment Overview

Tutorial 3.2: Diagnostic Assessments

PDF: Tutorial 3.2: Diagnostic Assessments

Tutorial 4: Tools4Maths


Tutorial 4.1: Tools4Maths Overview

PDF: Tutorial 4.1: Tools4Maths Overview

Tutorial 4.2: Tools4Maths Tools

PDF: Tutorial 4.2: Tools4Maths Tools


Tutorial 4.3: Tools4Maths Navigation

PDF: Tutorial 4.3: Tools4Maths Navigation

Tutorial 5: Teaching a Lesson

Tutorial 5.1: Teaching a F to 2 Lesson

PDF: Tutorial 5.1: Teaching a F to 2 Lesson

Tutorial 5.2: Teaching a 3 to 6 Lesson

PDF: Tutorial 5.2: Teaching a 3 to 6 Lesson

Visual Learning Animations (VLAs) & Topic Opener Videos

Between 78 and 89 enVisionMATHS Visual Learning Animations (VLAs) are found on each Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) DVD for Foundation to Year 4. These captivating animations are designed to explicitly teach the underlying maths concepts in each lesson of enVisionMATHS. The enVisionMATHS program for Years 5 and 6 varies slightly, having Topic Opener Videos, rather than VLAs. Topic Opener Videos introduce a whole topic, rather than individual lessons to better suit learning styles for this age group. Topic Opener Videos all start with a brief introduction, followed by an opening animation and 3-4 minutes of topic exploration. "It's a fantastic resource. The animations and support material are very clear, precise and stimulating." - Kym Lilley, Suncoast Christian College Examples of VLAs and a Topic Opener Video can be found below. Please note that you would control the speed of the VLAs and Topic Opener Videos by using the back and forward arrows on the bottom right hand side of the screen, however for the purposes of these recordings, we have controlled these buttons for you.

Watch the Revising 10 Visual Learning Animation (Foundation, Topic 9, Lesson 1)

Watch the Sharing Equally Visual Learning Animation (Foundation, Topic 10, Lesson 4)

Watch an extract from a Topic Opener Video (Year 6, Topic 9)


Q: How is enVisionMATHS different to other maths teaching systems? A: enVisionMATHS is the only maths teaching program that combines modular print-based teaching resources with breakthrough digital teaching and learning tools. The combination of print and digital teaching tools makes enVisionMATHS unique - and exponentially more effective. The use of visual learning bridges and animations is also unique and provides for deep conceptual understanding of Maths in accordance with the aims of the Australian Curriculum. Q: Couldn't I just google the online maths teaching resources? A: Googling this broad topic returns almost 2,000,000 responses. By the time you've sorted these into the categories and formats you want, you could have prepared a lesson. enVisionMATHS resources are professionally researched, created and collated to be 100% relevant to Australian students and teachers and the Australian Curriculum. Q: Why not just teach the way I've always taught? A: All the research into primary learning points to significant changes taking place. Parents want more accountability and consistency, while students want interactive, engaging learning experiences. In response, enVisionMATHS delivers a direct, instructional and measurable approach to learning Maths basics, gift wrapped within a framework of interactivity, involvement and cross-media platforms. Q: I have a multi-age classroom. How does enVisionMATHS address this? A: Through provision of particular resources at each level (for example skills trace, differentiated worksheets, games at two levels, maths computation questions with increasing complexity) enVisionMATHS provides resources that allow you to plan a pathway for different ages and levels. The Overview and Implementation Guide at each level provides advice on implementation of the program in multi-age classes.

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ISBN 9781442529274
Publisher Pearson
Product Type Student Books,
Year Level Foundation,
Author(s) Catherine Attard, Terri Bullock, Linda Flanagan, Judy Lewis, Carmen Morgan, Nicole Morrison, Heidi-Lee Reitsma, John Sandy, Jenny Saunders, Greg Thomas and Deborah Vietri.

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