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English Workbook 1 has been fully revised for the Australian Curriculum. Focusing on the three strands of Language, Literacy and Literature it provides clear links to the curriculum outcomes.

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These popular and stimulating English Workbooks for junior secondary have been fully revised for the Australian Curriculum. Focusing on the three strands of Language, Literacy and Literature it provides clear links to the curriculum outcomes. The series takes a logical and sequential developmental approach, with new skills and knowledge introduced in each unit, while those introduced in previous years are reinforced.

English Workbook 1 (3rd Edition) - Print & eBook


  • Logical and sequential approach to the development of skills and knowledge
  • Chapters open on double page spreads with explicit curriculum links and a spelling and vocabulary exercise
  • Multiple assessment tasks included per unit
  • Homework exercise included in each unit and also available to download online

Digital support The workbook comes with 15 months free access to an interactive eBook version. Additional media files including audio, video and weblinks, which supplement texts and knowledge, will also be accessible online.


Unit 1: Personal and social identity

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Personal identity
    • Introductions through the ages
    • Names
    • ‘Sticks and Stones and Such-like’ (Badami)
    • Don’t Call Me Ishmael! (Bauer)
  • Phrases and clauses
  • Embedded clauses
  • Assessment task 1.1—Introducing … ME!
  • Social identity
  • Sharing thoughts and feelings
    • Discussion circles
    • Speaking and listening
    • Sally’s Story (Morgan)
    • Writing about feelings
  • Assessment task 1.2—Personal recount
  • Idiomatic language
    • Idioms from other countries
    • Australian slang
  • Neologisms
  • Assessment task 1.3—Start your autobiography
  • Homework task—Reading comprehension

Unit 2: What’s your opinion?

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Opinions
    • Supporting arguments
    • Evidence
  • Informal debate about sport
  • Article one: news report
  • Article two: letter to the editor
  • Constructing a persuasive essay (exposition)
    • ‘Is it cruel to keep animals in zoos?’ (De Silva)
    • Topic sentences
    • Rebuttal
  • Persuasive language
    • Emotional appeals in advertising
    • Modality
  • Other persuasive techniques
    • Rhetorical questions
    • Inclusive language
    • Repetition of words and phrases
    • Figurative language
    • Images
  • Assessment task 2.1—Create and analyse an advertisement
  • Formal oral presentations
  • Assessment task 2.2—Persuasive essay or speech
  • Homework task—Reading and research

Unit 3: Reading: ‘medicine for the soul’

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Reading
    • Genre
    • Keeping a reading log
    • Roald Dahl’s view
    • ‘Television’ (Dahl)
    • Impact of technology
  • Evaluative language
    • Judging characters
    • Appreciating the text
    • Book reviews
    • ‘The Hunter’s Moon’ (Rustica)
  • Assessment task 3.1—Book review
  • Academic analysis of texts
    • Novels
    • The Girl with No Name (Lowe)
    • Films
    • Ratatouille
    • Plays
    • The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Lewis)
  • Assessment task 3.2—Analytical text response
  • Narrative poems
    • ‘Jabberwocky’ (Carroll)
  • The grammar of ‘Jabberwocky’
    • Subject and predicate
    • Identifying parts of speech
    • Poetic devices
    • Rhyme
    • Rhythm
    • Repetition
    • Alliteration
    • Personification
    • Similes and metaphors
    • Onomatopoeia
    • Symbolism
  • Assessment task 3.3—Creative text response: group film or play
  • Homework task—Analysing a poem
    • ‘The Shark’ (Pratt)

Unit 4: Imaginative and informative texts

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Storytelling
    • Myths
    • ‘The Birth of Butterflies’ (Connolly)
    • ‘Chinese Creation Myth’
    • Research and oral presentation
    • Writing about a memory
    • Soraya the Storyteller (Hawke)
  • Short stories
    • ‘The New Girl’ (Hill)
    • Plot structure
    • ‘The Moon Pool’ (Laird, trans.)
  • Characterisation
    • Rain May and Captain Daniel (Bateson)
  • Descriptive detail
    • The Boy Who had Wings (French)
  • Setting
    • Bridge to Terabithia (Paterson)
    • Walk Twenty, Run Twenty (Disher)
  • Narrative voice
    • First person
    • Boy Overboard (Gleitzman)
    • Third person
  • Assessment task 4.1—Create a short story
  • Poetry
    • ‘Magpies’ (Wright)
    • ‘The Eagle’ (Tennyson)
    • ‘Haiku’ (Holland)
    • ‘Wren Haiku’ (Lansdown)
  • Informative texts—news reports
    • Analysing a news report
  • Assessment task 4.2—Media research and report
  • Assessment task 4.3—Write a newspaper article
  • Homework task—Reading and vocabulary
    • ‘Big Bad Werewolves’

Unit 5: Grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Build your vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • The parts of speech
    • Buzzard Breath and Brains (Moloney)
    • The Great Gilly Hopkins (Paterson)
    • Walk Twenty, Run Twenty (Disher)
    • League of Legends (Diamond)
    • The First Book of Samuel (Dubosarsky)
  • Spelling strategies
    • Syllabification
    • Spelling rules
    • Spell check
  • Punctuation
    • Apostrophe
    • End-of-sentence punctuation
    • Commas
    • Run-on sentences
    • Quotation marks
    • Nips XI (Starke)
  • Proofreading practice
    • Hints for proofreading
  • Handwriting
  • Just for fun
    • ‘The Dreadful English Language'

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ISBN 9781420232745
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