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Enagage kids in the daily schedule and ensure everyone knows what fun activities are planned for the day ahead!

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This Classroom Planner is what every teacher needs to clearly display the daily schedule in their classroom!

  • Included: 1 Classroom Planner (2 magnet sheets, makes a chart 270x780mm), 34 activity/subject magnets + 2 blank, 9 clock face magnets, days of the week + 1 blank, arrow, Remember and Homework magnets.
  • Material/Functionality: The Classroom Planner is a flexible magnetic sheet which must be attached directly to a metal surface such as a magnetic whiteboard. The activity/subject magnets will attach directly to the chart when it’s stuck to a metal surface.
  • Dimensions: Classroom Planner (270x780mm) and Activity/Subject magnets (70x70mm)
  • Age: 3yrs +


  • Bright and colourful with fun images, the kids will love setting-out their day each morning.
  • It provides the class with a visual representation of the type and order of subjects planned for the day ahead and also has space to add reminders for the following day or week.
  • Fully flexible and designed for maximum interaction, the colourful planner comes with 34 typical activity/subject magnets, 9 clock face magnets, days of the week and blank magnets to individualise your school day.
  • The fun activity designs include words to assist children as they learn to read. Covering a range of subjects and providing blank magnets to add unique activities, the range of magnets is sure to suit any day pre-school or school-aged classroom.
  • The dry-erase surface allows teachers to add additional notes to the planner and the clock face magnets can be integrated into the schedule as children learn to tell the time.
  • Perfect for pre-school and primary classrooms, the chart is made of a flexible magnetic sheet so it can attach directly to a magnetic whiteboard.
  • This chart has been designed by teachers for teachers, to maximise children’s awareness of their daily schedule and optimise their learning outcomes!

How to Use the Classroom Planner

  1. Attach the two halves of the magnetic planner to a metal surface, ensuring the top and bottom sheets are aligned.
  2. Pop-out all of the subject magnets, clock face magnets and day magnets from the magnet sheets and place them to the side of the chart.
  3. Ask the class to assist with building the planner to ensure they have a good understanding of their daily schedule.
  4. Ask the children to add the day of the week to the top of the planner.
  5. Children can help to add one subject magnet to the middle of each row.
  6. Once the subject magnets are in position, add the clock faces to the left of each subject magnet (if children are old enough to tell the time). Discuss the start time of each lesson and add the corresponding digital time onto each clock face. The hour and minute hands can be added onto each clock face, corresponding with the digital time below it. Involving the children in this process will encourage greater understanding of lesson times and improve their ability to tell the time.
  7. Once the clock faces and subjects are all in place, add any specific notes next to each subject. For example, Science – work on group project; Reading – individual reading.
  8. Add the "Remember" or "Coming Up" tag at the bottom of the planner and add notes where required. For example, remember to return excursion forms tomorrow; Remember sport gear tomorrow.
  9. Be sure to refer to the Classroom Planner throughout the day to teach children the benefits of understanding the schedule and working to a plan.
  10. Update the schedule when the daily plan changes to keep children informed.

An excellent tool for engaging children in the classroom schedule, it helps children to better understand their daily routine whilst assisting teachers with the transition between activities!

SKU MC-ClassPlanner
ISBN 655302999912
Publisher Monkey & Chops
Product Type Teacher Resources,
Year Level Early Years, Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3,

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