Top 5 Resources for Learning with Dice

Dice are a wonderful, hands-on teaching tool. Dice games are fun to play, make learning more engaging for children and help to develop social skills. Here are our top five resources for using dice to support your students’ learning.

1. Dice Activities

This series is designed to help students become more fluent in mathematical concepts through engaging dice activities. The books are linked to the Australian Curriculum.

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2. Write and Wipe Dice

This set of four write on/wipe off dice can be used for teaching a range of curriculum topics – simply by writing numbers, letters and more on the faces.

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3. Pocket Dice

Pocket dice allow teachers to create a variety of games and activities simply by sliding different inserts into the pockets. These three pocket dice books by Dr Paul Swan and Linda Marshall contain comprehensive teaching notes for each activity and inserts designed to fit in an Elizabeth Richards Pocket Cube Dice or any 10 x 10 cm pocket dice.

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4. Junior Learning Dice

This collection of soft dice support maths and literacy learning and offer a quiet alternative to classroom dice games.

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5. 50 Dice Activity Cards

This set of activity cards are designed to teach maths skills such as addition, subtraction, counting, probability, number bonds, equivalence, skip counting, multiplication and division using dice. One side of each card contains teaching objectives, procedures and resources used, while the other provides visual examples.

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