5 Helpful Mathematics Tools

These five tools are great for geometry lessons and will be a handy addition to any maths class!

1. Geoliner Combined Square & Protractor

This tool is a protractor, set square and ruler integrated into a single instrument.

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2. Helix Maths Set

This set includes a compass, ruler, protractor, two set squares, and a sharpener.

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3. Lakim Maths Ruler

This 300mm ruler contains a central protractor and a collection of helpful geometric shape stencils for exploring 2-D and 3-D patterns.

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4. Mathomat Ruler for Pencil Case

Designed for pencil cases, this drawing tool is a 300mm ruler with geometric shape stencils and a protractor.

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5. Mathomat Primary Template and Book

This Mathomat template combines a huge range of challenging geometric shapes with a technical drawing set (rulers, set squares, protractor and circles) in a single tool. The template and book are designed to encourage students to learn about shape property in a hands-on way and develop a deep understanding of mathematics.

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