5 Handwriting Modelling Tools

Good handwriting is developed through effective teaching and practice. Here are five tools for helping students learn and improve their handwriting skills.

1. The Big Writing Pad

The Big Writing Pad uses 54mm dotted thirds to model correct letter formation. The pad is perfect for handwriting lessons with the whole class or for group activities.

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2. Dotted Thirds Laminated Writing Sheet

This A1 size dotted thirds chart is double-sided and laminated. Teachers can write on the chart with whiteboard markers to demonstrate.

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3. Magnetic Writing Sheets

These laminated magnetic sheets with dotted thirds are idea for classroom writing activities and can be read from 10 metres away. The sheets can also be cut into sentence strips.

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4. Writing Time Alphabet Wall Frieze

This colourful 5 section wall frieze is designed to fit any space and brighten any classroom. The fun animal characters on the wall frieze help teach children the correct letter structure of upper and lower case letters.

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5. Alphabet Desk Mat for the Early Years

The Alphabet Desk Mat was designed by speech pathologists and educators to support early writing efforts. Great for use in school or at home, the mats include letter starting points, reminders of correct pencil grip, and pictures that support alphabet sound recall.

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