Blake's Learning Centres - Vocabulary Centres: Pack (1 of each Title)


Blake's Learning Centres are a wonderful, motivating way for students to practise important skills.

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Blake’s Learning Centres are a wonderful, motivating way for students to practice important skills. The activities in Vocabulary Centres help build a rich vocabulary. Each centre is self-contained and portable and includes teacher and student instructions. The 12 centres in these books are self-contained and portable. Students may work at a desk, a table, or even on the floor. Once you've made the centres, they're ready to use any time.


  • Everything you need for 12 centres
  • Hands-on vocabulary activities
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Full-colour covers, task cards and games
  • Self-checking answer keys


  • Builds rich vocabulary
  • Boosts reading skills
  • Provides individual or partner practice
  • Uses repitition as a learning tool
  • Offers extra-time fun


Book 1 Topics (Ages 5-6)

  • colour names
  • rhyming words
  • forming compound words
  • high frequency words
  • clothing words
  • simple anagrams
  • ‘ow’ words
  • opposites
  • ordinal words
  • animal babies
  • common verbs

Book 2 Topics (Ages 6-7)

  • categorising nouns and animal groups
  • forming compound words
  • identifying body parts
  • recognising opposites
  • naming synonymns
  • differentiating singular and plural
  • reading silent ‘kn’
  • reading sight word

Book 3 (Ages 7-8)

  • reading ‘ph’ words
  • naming polygons
  • naming synonyms
  • rhyming riddles
  • differentiating multiple meanings
  • recognising antonyms
  • describing feelings
  • making analogies

Book 4 Topics (Ages 8-9)

  • synonyms and antonyms
  • differentiating homophones
  • using prefixes and suffixes
  • creating analogies
  • using geographical compound words
  • recognising weather terms
  • naming polygons
  • differentiating homographs
  • recognising slang

Book 5 Topics (Ages 9-10)

  • recognising synonyms and antonyms
  • using homophones
  • applying prefixes and suffixes
  • pronouncing heteronyms
  • creating analogies
  • using ICT compound words
  • recognising scientific terminology
  • naming geometric figures
  • differentiating homographs
  • recognising music terms

Book 6 Topics (Ages 10-11)

  • using synonyms and antonyms
  • differentiating homophones
  • applying prefixes and suffixes
  • recognising acronyms
  • creating analogies
  • identifying literacy and slang compound words
  • differentiating homographs

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Book 1 (Ages 5-6)

Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page1 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page2 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page3 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page4 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page5 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page6 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page7 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-1_sample-page8


Book 2 (Ages 6-7)

Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page1 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page2 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page3 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page4 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page5 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page6 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page7 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-2_sample-page8


Book 3 (Ages 7-8)

Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page1 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page2 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page3 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page4 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page5 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page6 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page7 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-3_sample-page8


Book 4 (Ages 8-9)

Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4_sample-page1 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4_sample-page2 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4_sample-page3 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4_sample-page4 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4_sample-page5 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4_sample-page6 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-4_sample-page7


Book 5 (Ages 9-10)

Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page1 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page2 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page3 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page4 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page5 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page6 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page7 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-5_sample-page8


Book 6 (Ages 10-11)

Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page1 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page2 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page3 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page4 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page5 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page6 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page7 Blakes-Learning-Centres-Vocabulary-Centres-Book-6_sample-page8

Publisher Blake Education
Product Type Teacher Resources, Bundles & Packs,
Year Level Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5,

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